Auditing & Insight

Nolands’ approach to auditing goes well beyond technical disciplines and statutory requirements necessary to execute an accurate, compliant audit. It is based not on facts and figures alone but also on an understanding of the various aspects of clients’ businesses that are not always reflected on the face of a balance sheet or in a set of accounts. We know from long experience that this level of insight is a direct result of carefully nurtured relationships.

On every project, we know that as auditors we hold the key that can decode the DNA of a business. A crucial part of relationship building is sharing these unique insights with our clients.

We are able to provide key insights that can lead to profitable business solutions as a direct result of us getting to know you and your business better.

It is for this reason that Nolands promotes a culture of client/partner interaction. We are passionate about ensuring that these relationships are mutually beneficial and that there is a real fit, both human and by category or type of business. At the same time, independence of judgement and objectivity remain key.

We believe that the benefits of us going beyond the annual numbers is significant and enduring. It creates a foundation for our partners to ensure that intellectual capital accumulated and personal experience and judgement will always be readily available, to our clients’ advantage. Developing an indepth knowledge of clients’ businesses helps us to react timeously to challenges and anticipate problems well in advance. It also gives us the opportunity to offer an integration of our services, where and when required.

A current challenge facing those who meet the requirements of the Public Interest Scorecard (the compliance scorecard, as set out in the new Companies Act) is the decision whether or not to continue with an annual audit.

We believe that although the Public Interest Scorecard may appear to be a simple and practical approach to determining whether a business should or shouldn’t have an audit, it does not necessarily take into account many crucial and complex criteria that are not measurable by pure numerics.

Being able to provide guidance in making the appropriate decisions requires our insight and understanding of our clients’ business, its structure, directorship and vision.

Auditing is really about certainty, clarity and authentication; the assurance aspect is always uppermost in all that we do. We know from many years’ experience that there is nothing more important than this peace of mind. We also want to be able to go further, for ourselves and our clients. To take the learnings from the past and find ways to make them shape the future to advantage is what we believe makes us
“not your ordinary auditors”.